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Are aluminum radiators more reliable and sturdy than stock plastic radiators?

The plastic top part of my radiator cracked. would It be better to get an aluminum radiator instead of a plastic stock radiator.

Also I don't know too much about cars, but why would car manufacturers use plastic

The radiators you are talking about cool the car better...Alot of hot rodders and race cars run them....They are more expensive but are well worth the money...

bmw e36 95 m3 red

engine swap / headers / k&n cold air intake / ac schnitzer exhaust / aluminum radiators / chip ... project bmw 95 e36 m3 red engine swap withe ...

Clutch change, any parts I'm missing? - MX-5 Miata Forum

The clutch in my 99 is getting on its last leg. I figured it'd last longer than 90k miles, but the PO I think was automotively challenged. I was hoping that a new master and slave cylinder would tighten things up. Well it did. For 2 weeks. Now it's getting harder to get into first and reverse and it has abrupt engagement and has been slipping a lot quicker than it used to. So I pulled the trigger on an FM happy meal. My brother and his race team have a shop in NH where I'm going to change the clutch and flywheel. And I'm recently unemployed. So that's pretty convenient. Anything else I should do (maintenance or other) while the trans is off? I wanted to get a ppf stabilizer kit while I'm in there, but I also have to get another radiator as it's leaking very very very slightly. And I intend to get the FM crossflow radiator as I plan on turboing my car within a year and don't feel like wasting money on a temp radiator. already changed the upper and lower boots. so that's good. the exhaust gaskets I'm not too worried about. Worst case scenario I can grab one from one of the local parts stores. I don't plan on keeping the car naturally aspirated for too much longer. The o2 sensor thing...


any tips on finding a leak? - Taurus Car Club of America

Probably one of the plastic side tanks on the radiator is leaking where the seam meets. This is common on aluminum radiators as they age, since aluminum expands/contracts more than copper does. If the insides of the radiator look good and no corrosion, I would call around to shops that do radiator repairs, and take it out of the car and bring it in to get the seams repaired. It costs less than a new radiator, and they can make it "like new" again.

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